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I'm releasing clj-nix 0.3.0 There are 2 new helper functions: • mkBabashka: Builds babashka with custom features (like sqlite) • bbTasksFromFile: Helper to wrap the Clojure functions in a file as bash scripts. Useful to create nix shells with custom commands. Full changelog: Docs:

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Awesome. Feel free to PR here too:


clj-kondo 2022.08.03! clj-kondo Fix false positive invalid-arity when using mapcat transducer in sequence with multiple collections • expose clojure.pprint/pprint to the hooks API • output rule name with new output option :show-rule-name-in-message true. See example in • Add support for nilable map type specs • Expose :imported-ns in analysis of vars imported by potemkin • Printing deps.edn error to stdout • Include dispatch-val in analysis of defmethod • Add :arglist-strs support for functions defined with fn • prioritize special form in name resolving • Namespaced map type check fix • Fix config-in-ns for specific namespace + ns-group override • Fix Ignore redundant-call when single call is made in .cljc

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Quick question, I use clj-kondo through clojure-lsp (unless I'm mistaken haha) so do I actually need to keep upgrading clj-kondo or can I just stick to upgrading clojure-lsp? Is the lsp relying on the version I have installed or does it come with it packaged?


@U9J50BY4C clojure-lsp will upgrade eventually to this version, so if you're not using clj-kondo outside of your editor, there is no need to upgrade