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Early announcement of cherry, a .cljs to .mjs (ES6 module) compiler. 🍒 The overall goal is to have something that works together well with the JS frameworks du jour: do some of the work in JS, and do some of the work in CLJS without much friction. The compiler runs in JavaScript (currently Node.js, but browser would also be possible), is small and fast, and can be ran on a file-by-file basis: 1 CLJS namespace = 1 ES6 module. See the cherry for more details. This project is experimental and looking for feedback: it is not production ready. With your feedback and testing on non-critical projects, cherry could become something production ready sooner or later. There are isolated things to work on like figuring out how to get the cljs.core module compatible with ES6 treeshaking. Your input is welcome! Channel: #cherry

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Cora (she/her)11:08:06

amazing :star-struck:


This is very nice, I think I'll try it out against Cloudflare...`shadow-cljs` works well but cherry seems very cool 😄


@U0C8489U6 let me know how that goes :)


Hopefully this helps people sneak cljs into js shops as easily as clj could be snuck into jvm shops 🙏

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what is the motivation here? Why would someone use this over shadow-cljs? i.o.w. what problem are you solving?


@U66G3SGP5 Have you read the README?


Interesting… so the idea is that it compiles .cljs but it is not the usual CLJS (with its goog closure dependency) but it is another thing entirely.

Darrick Wiebe19:08:37

Just looking at the commit history, I love that in 2 weeks you resurrected a project that hasn't had a commit in 11 years and put out a release! Does this project predate clojurescript??

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Cora (she/her)19:08:09

first clojurescript release was march 7, 2015, according to github

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