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After releasing 0.3.1 a few days ago, I set out to write a little showcase for it, and uncovered several bugs in the less-well-trodden parts of the code. So let me introduce you to Skyscraper 0.3.2: • Fix: Skyscraper no longer throws exceptions when using processed-cache and some of the processors don’t have :cache-template. • Fix: Skyscraper no longer throws exceptions when the server returns multiple Content-Type headers. • Fix: Processed cache no longer garbles non-ASCII strings on macOS. And here’s the showcase I mentioned: ( Some GPT-3 included!

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lread20:08:33 The 38th release of Etaoin, but the first under the loving care of clj-commons! Much thanks to @igrishaev for creating Etaoin and now entrusting it to our care. A big thanks to @borkdude for all his moral, intellectual and borkcellent support. Highlights from the • We are now Babashka compatible! • Lint support augmented with a clj-kondo config! • Docs and docstrings reviewed, reorganized, cljdoc-ified, and updated (with thanks for new tips and usages from @jkrasnay and @raimonster!) • Various bugs squashed • Automated test coverage now also includes Windows and macOS • An Etaoin logo from @igrishaev (thank you for this parting gift Ivan!) • Support for connecting to a remote WebDriver (thanks @verma & @mjmeintjes!) Drop by #etaoin with any questions!

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Congrats on this milestone!

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Thanks! And thanks for all your support!

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Thanks Ivan and Lee!

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