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Ben Davies14:08:54

Hey folks I’m looking to change my kafka streams application to use a custom partitioner on the method of my topology. When I try and implement this using jackdaw I get this error

Uncaught exception, not in assertion
   error: clojure.lang.ArityException: Wrong number of args (3) passed to: jackdaw.streams/to
Currently the jackdaw.streams/to doesn’t accept a interface. I’ve tried to do some java interop but because Jackdaw refactors the methods into functions I end up with the wrong args passed in this way as well. Is there a way of blending java interop with a jackdaw topology to get around this?

Alastair Hole16:08:16

Unfortunately the API docs seem to have been broken for a while, I’m not sure if there would be some answers there

Alastair Hole16:08:30

This project seems rather quiet these days alas

Ben Davies16:08:18

I’m using an older version of Jackdaw 0.7.6 and have found the kstream* fn which does return the underlying object*

Alastair Hole16:08:49

Ah good spot, that sounds promising