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i'm guessing this isn't a great way to program, outside of languages that don't use many symbols (){}[]*&$#!:;?/\-_


would have been cool to learn this stuff in school, where it would actually make a lot of sense for writing essays or non-tech assignments

Martynas Maciulevičius18:08:36

In the second video he says that one advanced user tries to do this for coding. But now as I am trying to move from Spacemacs to nvim... I think we do it by using a customizable editor when we configure it ourselves :thinking_face: This guy literally says that he practices two hours a day for a year or more. This is not trivial.


is he trying to get to 250wpm? cus regular people would be ok with much less than that. also normal people have to practice regular keyboard use anyway, unless they are just touch typing.

Martynas Maciulevičius18:08:13

No. You have to try this hard just to reach your regular wpm. But if you go further you can reach very much. Edit: but only for English. When you write in "basic" style then you can write in any language but this is overoptimized and only for English (you optimize for one language). And even every optimization is different. There are more memory-intensive versions and there are more finger-labour-intensive. He says that he uses the one that's in between.

Martynas Maciulevičius20:08:01

He mentioned in one video that this is phonetic typing and not symbol-based as we are used to. And in the video he showed that to type a word You he needs to press only one key - U. But to type long words you may need to press 7 or more keys at the same time and most keyboards don't even support more than 6 keys pressed at the same time. Also he uses a different keyboard that has very low key-press resistance, something like 15-30g per key. So he can press many keys at the same time and not feel so much resistance (and not fatigue his fingers so fast). I bought my keyboard for $100 and it can do up to 6 keys at once so it doesn't have this "n-key rollover thing" that he needs; he has some kind of suggested keyboard list where he picked one used for $20. There is a way to do it without a special keyboard and then you press <space> to end your gesture.


i have very low resistance mech keyboard, and it does feel very weird at first (especially coming from a mac keyboard).