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Matthew DiLoreto21:08:36

Something that ight be interesting to this group is borkdudes new build tool neil I wonder who's using leiningen, and who's using deps?


I've never found a compelling reason to switch from lein to deps

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That would be a good talk.


oh man the switch to deps has been a godsend at wor


I find deps a bit more confusing, but it might just be because everything uses lein and I've used it for years now. It does what it needs to do and gets out of the way, so I don't really have any pain points that deps could solve.


also neil is outstanding. quick scaffolding is so easy with it

Matthew DiLoreto21:08:22

@U11BV7MTK what benefits has deps given you?


build times are way lower. I love how composable extra dev tools are locally. For quickly trying things out just make a temp dir and `clj -Sdeps ‘{deps {some-dep {version}}’ and you have a repl. Git deps, etc

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I think they really could've made the CLI for deps easier to read


It's a weird combination of bashisms and Clojure


Lein is guilty of this too to an extent


love the invocation with -X to invoke any function that takes a hash map instead of needing a namespace with a single -main. Parsing of -X functions does get a bit wonky due to two levels of escaping


Sean Corfeild has a nice git repo that has good stuff for deps.


yeah. makes it really easy to toss criterium into your repl, other easy stuff without needing to edit the profiles.clj file


But I like profiles.clj 😂


love me a data file rather than a file that has to be evaluated


also i find the format much simpler (both of these are pure aesthetics, although data file is why clj can use git deps but lein kinda can’t. you have to keep evaluating the deps instead of just read them


I’ve also switched to clj/deps. The syntax is a bit quirky (in a clojure way), but I like the consistency.