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Daniel Slutsky19:08:29

How many people here are new to Clojure and would find it useful to have an Intro to Clojure session as a preparation for the

Daniel Slutsky19:08:50

Responses in this thread would be helpful. 🙏

Daniel Basner20:08:14

I might be interested, I’ve done some clojurescript but that was a while ago. Also, the prep meeting about R and tidyverse is at 9AM EST, correct?

Daniel Slutsky21:08:07

Thanks @UNK8T5DC1. For reference, this is that other meeting that @UNK8T5DC1 mentioned: It will be at 1PM in (which is 9AM in You can click Add to Calendar to have it in your calendar.

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Daniel Basner21:08:14

ah ok, the “download ics” option under add to calendar did not work for me, unsure if that is just me or not

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Daniel Slutsky21:08:53

good to know, thanks.

Daniel Slutsky20:08:59

The group is a new space for collaborations around the emerging Clojure stack for data processing and data analysis. Here is the event for meeting 2: Among other things, we will have a brief intro to - a library for parallel computing of larger-than-memory datasets developed at HKU Business School.

Daniel Slutsky22:08:34

See you on Saturday! ☝️

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Daniel Slutsky11:08:34

See you in a little less than an hour at the Clojask / Tablecloth session with @mat_1, @ezmiller, and friends.

Jacob O'Bryant22:08:20

Another Pair Programming Session®, this Friday at 9:30 AM Pacific over Zoom. And by "pair" I mean "solo" this time. I'm going to demo creating a brand new app (an RSS reader) with Biff, and we'll see how far we get. 🏃

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I am sure you will - but record it

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Jacob O'Bryant01:08:08

it will be recorded

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