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What's the suggested way of asking cider to jack-in with Java 17 instead of Java 11?

Martynas Maciulevičius10:08:46

Having java 17 in your path. So PATH=...:path/to/java_17_executable emacs Or you could set it system-wide But probably you could edit this env var from emacs (somehow) and then set it before you run your jack in But well... these options are not great. Probably I miss something.


I use direnv and emacs-direnv to set JAVA_HOME or PATH. You can also launch the REPL in your shell, or a Docker container or whatever, and use cider-connect


it's best to use a "manager" for this like jenv or sdkman.


Indeed it's probably best to use a version manager in your shell and then use cider-connect instead of cider-jack-in


Ha, just noticed we've got exactly 1,888 people in the channel. Must be a good omen, right? cider

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Michaël Salihi16:08:19

Not a cider but it may be an opportunity to toast ! 😁

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