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Angela Piergiovanni Grosso09:08:27

NEW CLOJURE ROLE AT FUNDING CIRCLE* 🚀 🇬🇧* Funding Circle is a FinTech on a mission to help small businesses get the funding they need to win. The core of what we do is our ‘decision making engine’. It’s a really sophisticated bit of kit which is built on a ML algorithm. All built in-house by FC engineers. This particular team I am recruiting for works on a critical part of our flagship product. It’s complicated, deep and broad. We call it the ‘decisioning team’. It will involve you gaining a good understanding of our credit strategy. It’s a team of high-performing engineers who are predominantly working with Clojure day-to-day, although we would be happy to take someone on that has any experience with Functional Programming, doesn't have to be Clojure. Within this team you will have a lot of ownership over the product, it is the bread and butter of Funding Circle and it is business critical so we need someone who is highly proficient and has a great eye for detail. You will be getting involved with all aspects of the journey from architecture through to release and everything in between ( documentation, test analysis etc…). Call it - a deep dive. ABLE TO OFFER RELOCATION SUPPORT TO LONDON AND VISA SPONSORSHIP. Please drop me a message if interested 🙂 How Funding Circle Works: Our Impact - Engineering @ FC:

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Please use threads for questions about job posts. Thank you.


@U04V70XH6 maybe the official clojure chat should move to zulip or something that forces threads. seems like we have reached the limits of slack


People are welcome to use any of the several Clojure community hubs online. We've tried encouraging people to use Zulip for years, to very little avail. Happy to continue this conversation in #community-development 🙂


And perhaps when an Admin asks you politely to use threads here, you might respond "Oh, yes, sorry" instead of blaming Slack?

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(also, this Slack is not "official" in any way -- it's just one of many volunteer-managed communities -- I think only the clojure Google Group is in any way managed by some of the core Clojure folks? Plus which is fairly recent)


i appreciate what you are doing, but in reality i have to put a lot effort into making a thread in slack, when my fingers just want to do their own thing and slam on the enter key. i don't know how to make threads, i have to search for the button every time, and i've been using slack for years (before it had threads). is there something i'm missing? is there a way to take my message and turn it into a thread after i've made it, or should i delete them and start threads after i made the mistake?


Unfortunately, Slack has no way to attach a message from a channel as a threaded reply to another post. -- I really wish there was. You would have to delete your post and then ask the question again in a thread. It's up to you whether you want to delete this post/thread -- we just ask that, in future, you try to make the effort to use threads for replies in #jobs and #remote-jobs (so the only top-level posts are actual jobs, and it's easy for each OP/recruiter to track any/all questions in one place for each job) -- and also in populous and somewhat high-traffic channels like #beginners and #clojure


thanks, didn't know these channels were around, cept #clojure ofcourse. i just noticed that there is a subheader/title for each channel, maybe we can specify channels that should have all threaded topics. i wasn't aware that #jobs should be threaded because it seemed like a slow moving channel. for some other channels threads seem like an obvious thing to do.

Angela Piergiovanni Grosso07:08:22

hey @U0LAJQLQ1 we do have US presence but this is our main site 🙂

The Shroders In Florida20:08:19

US Based - Remote Functional Programmers - Financial Services


@U03SY5GF1DW Please provide more details about the role or at least a link. Is it a Clojure job?