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Hans Conrad20:08:40

πŸ‘‹ First of all huge fan! Might be a silly question..but does babashka have the ability or expose functions to connect to another nrepl server?


@hans.conrad There is a half-baked library here: - haven't worked on it much lately

Hans Conrad20:08:15

awesome..Thanks @U04V15CAJ def worth a look

Hans Conrad20:08:00

exactly what I was looking for.. thanks again!


It's simply crazy how fast Babashka is able to start a full Clojure application; like a few milliseconds from hitting enter to the code actively running, with all the parsing of source & etc. that has to happen occurring in that tiny window.

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The stuff I'm doing with tools.cli and stuff is some relatively heavy macros and logic and you just can't tell.

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Like, all the hacks you just have to use with clojure -T such as using requiring-resolve to avoid unnecessary namespace loading, is (keeping fingers crossed) just not needed.

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