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Hi, for our startup, we are looking for a full stack clojure dev who can deliver high quality code quickly. We need someone who has a combination of technical skill plus commercial understanding so that they can quickly figure out what needs to be delivered - and go deliver it. We’re working on a high potential idea on the payments industry, and you’ll be working with a team of 3 or 4 other people at the beginning as we figure out how to make this thing successful. While we are just starting off on this adventure, the team behind the initiative has great experience both in the payments domain and in how to successfully grow a business like this to a 9 figure valuation - we’ve done it before and clojure was a key ingredient that we wish to use again. If you fit the bill and are a well adjusted, ambitious individual who would like to work with similar people then drop me a note. The right person won’t regret it. Remote is fine, European time zones preferred.