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Steven Deobald12:10:21

Posted in #clojureverse-ops but someone suggested I x-post in here. 🙂 > Hey folks. I just wanted to thank you for maintaining — I made very effective use of it yesterday (via Google... I didn't know my answer would be in Slack!) and it saved me hours. I really, really appreciate this. 🙏 I realize maintaining it may feel a little thankless at times... I know I wouldn't have the stamina... but I'm sure for people like me who are surprised to find how well it works, there are hundreds who find the answer they need and merrily continue on their way, totally oblivious to the work going on behind the scenes. Such is the value of a utility. Sometimes, when I turn the water on to wash my face in the morning and warm water comes out just like magic, I silently praise those who made it possible: the plumbers. 😉

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