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Oliver George22:10:10

Clojurians considering a new MacBook Pro. Should I get a M1 Pro in 2 weeks or wait 4-6 for the M1 Max? I don't think Clojure benefits from the GPU cores but the memory bandwidth sounds useful.

Oliver George22:10:12

Also 32GB enough or does the discerning Clojurian think 64 smart money?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:10:03

if you have the choice, why not go more? :)

gotta_go_fast 1
Vincent Cantin16:10:29

because we need to know (and care) when our code is slow


I have my eyes on the 14" M1 Max with 64gb, 2tb ssd...


I'll probably be using my older laptop for a while, and keep following some reviews, etc, but it's looking good to me. I wonder if 14" is a big enough screen to work on all day at a kitchen table (compared to my current 15").


i would miss the screen real estate


i've got a 16" m1 pro with 32gb ordered through work


I haven’t had an issue with 32 yet. 16 was tight