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Krishan V12:10:55

Hey everyone, I am trying to use js interopt to make use of StorybookJS. I need to have export {default} from './storybook'; in my entry point of my app which is essentially index.cljs . How can I go about doing this?


Is there something similar to tools.logging for ClojureScript?


There is also glogi from #lambdaisland which builds on top of this

Krishan V14:10:23

The components were written in cljs and not js/ts though. Not quite what I was looking for but thanks!

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A package I'm attempting to use has it's js transpiled to file names with a cjs extension. I get an error message around failing to locate source (note it exists in node_modules). When I move the output of the node_module to a .js file extension it succeeds and compiles. Is there a way to configure the CLJS compiler to also search for files with .cjs extension?


Out of curiosity - what's the package, if you can share that info?


Really it's all codemirror packages that are causing the issue for me (they're setup to compile to cjs files which they use as the main entry point).


I could always fork and alter it to compile to js extension but that will lead to a lot of headaches.


do you use shadow-cljs?


No I'm using standard CLJS compiler with webpack bundler.


FWIW it does have index.js, but it's mentioned under "module" in package.json and not "main".


Yea it does compile to an index.js file but CLJS is by default searching for the "main".


A couple of quick questions. 1. Can I query XTDB from a Clojurescript web app? 2. Any recommendations for a simple react wrapper in cljs? I just need something that isn't obfuscating away a ton of decisions for me. I like re-frame, but I really want to able to fully understand whatever libs I'm using right now. I'd rather sacrifice some niceness for simplicity.


XT's HTTP API isn't intended for direct usage from a web front-end, but it can be achieved and used at least for prototyping - e.g. see


I think is usually recommended as a simple react wrapper in cljs.


Nice, looks perfect for my needs! Thank you. Do you happen to know of any similarly simple libraries for backend web services?


What kind of backend web services? What kind of simple are you looking for?


A general resource for finding options is

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in addition to here on slack


In the most simple form I'm just trying to build a web app that can persist data and use the kind of xtdb/datascript datalog ideas across the stack. For now I don't care about auth/security at all, I'm just trying to build a local tool for myself and need persistence.


Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind


I guess reagent is the best option in regards to #2?