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Hi there! I'm having trouble figuring out if I can handle a case of a resolver returning multiple inputs. So, the idea is: I have a resolver that supposedly return :user/login and :user/password for example. I want it to return an array - is it possible? Instead of returning a map with both attributes, return a vector of maps?


yes, taht's correct, give it a name and return a vector of maps


Query looking something like this:

[{:user/find-logins [:user/login :user/password]}]


Thanks, I'll try 🙂


From within the process-resolver-error or process-mutation-error plugin can I somehow assoc in an extra key into the response if a certain condition is met? I want to trigger a different codepath post processing if a certain error is triggered and I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this (note I’m using lenient mode) My other thought is that I could iterate through the entire response post-processing and search for the error but this doesn’t seem as clean due to the fact that errors can exist at various paths in the response.


I think I’m going to go the postwalk approach instead, but if there’s a better way I’m all ears 🙂


actually postwalk ended up not being too bad! just had to find instances of ExceptionInfo


there is also the plugin entry point ::pcr/wrap-resolver-error that you can use


maybe you can do something around that


would love to hear if that works, or if it doesn't, why not


oh great! i will give that a shot as well. appreciate it!