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I'm expanding an array of maps, can successfully open the array, then an item. Item is rendered with several keys, followed by 10 more.... Clicking on that gives Rendering error. Is this a known issue?


We've got an unreleased fix related to lazy loading but would be great if you had a small repro so we can make sure it's that. Thanks!


but I'm pretty sure it's that, should just cut a release…


can you try let me know if it’s fixed there? Thank you!


Yes, thank you! This may have been mentioned before: after a map has been "pretty printed" vertically by clicking {, hitting the ... button flips it back to horizontal. Clicking { again puts it back to vertical layout with the extra fields.


ah right; one down and one :ladybug: added to the list


I also see a lot of these:

#object[TypeError TypeError: Failed to fetch]
Is this an issue with my notebook code?


An issue with Clerk's code, not yours. Could you provide a repro?


Let me see if I can figure one out that isn't all tangled up in SQL queries.


what SQL lib are you using?


I have a hunch this and some other issues I was seeing might have been related to cache persisting across different versions of clerk. I did a clerk/clear-cache!, so far things are looking much better.


ah good, thinking if we can make that unnecessary


I think the root cause was that some value for a Java object had gotten cached with the nippy unthawable map. Then it would throw in some situations that it couldn't find the Java method on PersistentHashMap. The clue was that when I changed the constructor parameters to that class, I couldn't repro anymore, so I'm assuming it was cache.


And great work on this. clerk is exactly the tool I've been wanting forever, never had the time to really tackle it myself. Thank you!

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Aww, that's awesome, thank you!


just released with three small fixes ( • Fix lazy loading for non-root elements • Fix exception when lazy loading end of string • Fix regression in `clerk/clear-cache!`

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