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Steven Deobald11:10:47

Hey folks. I just wanted to thank you for maintaining — I made very effective use of it yesterday (via Google... I didn't know my answer would be in Slack!) and it saved me hours. I really, really appreciate this. 🙏 I realize maintaining it may feel a little thankless at times... I know I wouldn't have the stamina... but I'm sure for people like me who are surprised to find how well it works, there are hundreds who find the answer they need and merrily continue on their way, totally oblivious to the work going on behind the scenes. Such is the value of a utility. Sometimes, when I turn the water on to wash my face in the morning and warm water comes out just like magic, I silently praise those who made it possible: the plumbers. 😉

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oxalorg (Mitesh)11:10:50

Thanks Steven, this has been a community effort since long and we're happy to continue to keep the flames burning 🙏 😊 I too am thankful for all the amazing open source clojure libraries and tools I make use of in a day to day basis 😇


I share my ❤️ too!

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Hey @U01AVNG2XNF, there is also the #gratitude if you want to broadcast your message of love further!

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I'm also grateful! @U01AVNG2XNF Now I'm very curious what you found here what answered your issue heh

Steven Deobald15:10:00

@U04V15CAJ It was a peculiar bit of XTDB, actually. (On weekends, I transmogrify into an xt customer.) We have a small handful of issues on MacOS when running on JDK16+ and there's an edge case where, on JDK17, xt causes the JVM to barf with:

WARNING: /usr/local/opt/openjdk/bin/java is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way it turns out, googling that isn't super helpful. Except that it turns up a Clojurians log result halfway down the first page of results. There's a flag in xt that can be enabled to pick up an alternative SHA1 impl... I hadn't heard of this before, there isn't a GitHub issue, and it was late at night in the UK so I would have been stumbling around in the source on my own. Not that the problem couldn't have waited until next weekend, but I was neck deep in some other changes and the context switch (not to mention being unable to push) would have been quite painful. In the grand scheme of things, this maybe doesn't seem like such a big deal. But the Clojurians log makes the whole Slack a plaintext searchable resource which is infinitely more valuable to me than the IRC channels themselves. 🙂


that's awesome!

Steven Deobald18:10:23

Yeah, quite neat to stumble onto troubleshooting for your own stuff via Clojurians log. 🙂

Ben Sless11:10:33

It just hit me that could be an excellent example for newcomers for a complete application. I'm going to start recommending it as a reference


That was part of the idea of reimplementing it as a Clojure app. The original "app" that I inherited in 2017 was a pile of node and python scripts.

Ben Sless09:10:41

Very cool An interesting project to do with the data science folks could be indexing the text to allow keyword based search. Some sort of tf/idf?


Talk to @U013MQC5YKD, he has Clojurists together funding to further improve the log app, and one of his main goals is full text search

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