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Announcing my first clojure project luna is a DSL that translates to regex. luna is still in beta, but supports a decent portion of regex. I'm open to contributions and suggestions.

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I guess. I discovered regal when I was almost done with the project. But the syntax of regal is quite different from luna.

Asko Nōmm09:10:49

Awesome work!

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Noah Bogart13:10:58

love to see different approaches to “readability of regex”. it’s a complex topic and it’s fun to see how folks tackle it

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:10:19

#find-my-lib is useful to search for prior art :)

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@UEENNMX0T I'd love to hear your feedback on my approach 🙂


@U0522TWDA I didn't know about this, thanks!