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Drew Verlee15:10:46

I wanted to run another command when starting shadow, so according to these docs i thought i could just add that command to my cider-shadow-cljs-command like so:

((nil . (
         (cider-shadow-cljs-command "npm run feature-flags && npx shadow-cljs")
         (cider-default-cljs-repl . shadow)
         (cider-shadow-default-options . "dev")
         (cider-shadow-watched-builds . ("dev" "cards")))))
However this is throwing an error: split-string: Wrong type argument: stringp, ("npm run feature-flags && npx shadow-cljs")

Drew Verlee15:10:36

oh i probably need that period.

Drew Verlee16:10:34

hmm now it seems there is some descripency between what i can run at the command line and what will execute in emacs as i get this error:

error in process sentinel: Could not start nREPL server: 
> [email protected] feature-flags
> bb bin/generate_feature_flags.clj

clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Could not require babashka.deps. [at /home/drewverlee/archmedx/kyber/clients/bin/generate_feature_flags.clj, line 1, column 1]


What version of bb is this?

Drew Verlee16:10:10

oh intresting. emacs shell has a much older version, 0.0.96


maybe an old one on your path somewhere

Drew Verlee16:10:49

yep that was the issue. Ty

Drew Verlee16:10:30

What variable would i use to pass args after the watch option? e.g the --config-merge ... part of: npx shadow-cljs watch dev --config-merge ./config.edn

Drew Verlee16:10:09

cider-shadow-cljs-global-options ?


you'll need to look at the source whether there is a variable spliced in there