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Apologies if I've missed this somewhere, but is there an easy way to tell if a clj-commons project is still being maintained by the group? I ask in the context of looking to pick a new metrics publishing lib, have used in the past, and just wanted to check if the lack of a commit this year was because things are relatively stable, or an indication of lack of maintenance.


@mrkiouak This file: should indicate who is the current maintainer or maintainers


One of the problems that can theoretically occur is that a maintainer doesn't respond to issues and clj-commons as an org isn't really aware of this. @slipset any thoughts on how to deal with this?


Not sure if that's the case here but in general it might happen


Seems like that’s what have happened. here. I guess letting us know here is one option, as @mrkiouak did.


We use iapetos at work, and I guess I consider it stable, so I wouldn’t be too worried about the lack of commits. I’d be more worried (and that’s on me) that there are some new issues and a PR that should’a been handled


Perhaps it'd be good to contact the author if he needs help and if someone is heavily invested in this library and is willing to help out they can join the maintenance team


could perhaps do so via an issue and tag him, just an idea