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@zackteo yeah I agree with you. It doesn’t seem like the meetups are happening now, so maybe good to do as you suggested, i.e. just get names + send out a Zoom link. When were you thinking of? This month is a bit tight for me timewise, so I was thinking next month after 20 Nov. 🙂


Hey @peijing.teh thanks for pinging me. Let's settle on a date first then (so I don't keep delaying/procrastinating it 😅). In that case, how about either the Monday or the Wednesday after then? (22 or 24 Nov)


I recall that @vxe was interested in joining too!

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Weekdays are a bit tough for me due to work, and I can only do evenings, except MWF 😅 sorry. Would Tue 23 Nov work for y’all instead? If not, that week looks kinda busy for me also on the evenings. It will probably be easier on the week of 29 Nov, when people start to go off on leave, and I could even meetup on some afternoons. 🤫


Would the Sunday work better then? 21 Nov? (:

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Sunday afternoon 3-4? Actually Sat afternoon same time works too.