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Noah Bogart18:07:47

hey all, i’m working on a coc.nvim plugin for vim/neovim, and coc.nvim is built on vscode’s plugin system, so there’s a lot of potential overlap. at the moment i’m working on getting the signature help support working. i’ve followed calva’s code initialization code into main.ts and signature.ts, and have mirrored it in my project. in addition to the vscode.languages.registerSignatureHelpProvider call in src/extensions.ts, is there anything else that’s needed to make signature help provider stuff work?


I think that’s about it. Iirc there is quite a lot of dependency on the Token Cursor, so either you’ll need to get that to work, or have something else that takes care of figuring out what param is “active” in the editor.

Noah Bogart20:07:44

cool. do you have any good resources on how to build vs code plugins? i’ve found the docs at to be not great (for example, is not very helpful)