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happy 9th birthday CIDER 🍻

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Hi All, I recently updated my emacs, to 27.2, and got a fresh pull of prelude. Installed rust-parinfer and I think it was working, but now I'm not sure. Anyway, doing some Clojure today and parinfer:smart mode is enabled, but emacs is completing the parentheses pair whenever I type an open one. Not what I want, but I have no idea where to go about looking for what mode might be causing this. It's very frustrating as I don't see any "slurp/barf" enabled either.


you can find out what function is running when you enter ( by typing C-h c ( (read this key combination as [help] [character] (


for me, ( runs the function paredit-open-round


Interesting, "( runs the command self-insert-command)" which I think is a default for any key not bound elsewhere. Ugh.