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Since when does the above "just" work? It seems to work with the newest CLJS but not with an older one.


Seems like it started working in 1.10.741.

Adam Krivka14:07:50

Can someone ELI5 how to use Tailwind CSS (the newest version) with ClojureScript and Reagent? I found some outdated GitHub repos and am wondering if there’s a simpler way.


You can use it just as you would with JavaScript, adding the tailwind classes to elements in your UI. [:div {:class [“w-6” “mt-2”]}] For purging/JIT you need to specify that it should look at cljs files to find the used classes.

Adam Krivka22:07:52

Is there an example GitHub repo of this? I’m not sure if I’m able to set up the purging/JIT. Also need to customize the classes for different font stylings etc.


There may be some examples specific to ClojureScript out there, but the Tailwind documentation is great and it applies the same to using it with ClojureScript

Adam Krivka08:07:59

I have found and However, I still couldn’t get dynamic classes to compile (e.g. “h-[720px]“).


I haven’t used the new JIT features yet, sorry. But I would start by following the Tailwind documentation and installing Tailwind with npm, following the standard configuration guide


It should all apply exactly the same to ClojureScript except that your purge paths will need to point to your .cljs files


1.10.879 released - there will be more detailed notes later - but it's really a bug fix release, the require macros feature has been backed out - it's too problematic

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