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I'm updating the docs in several places to talk about this, including the PostgreSQL section, and I'm also going to add cross-links back and forth between HoneySQL and next.jdbc.


Even if I can't stop people shooting themselves in the foot, I hope I can at least point out where the most dangerous footguns are 🙂


(reminds me of a conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup back in the mid-'90s -- on the C++ committee -- where we were talking about "dangerous" features in the language and he admitted that "if C allows you to shoot yourself in the foot, C++ sometimes lets you blow your entire foot off" or words to that effect)

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Hello! I realised that database column names that JDBC returns are that of keys connected with underscores _. But from my understanding, keywords in Clojure are usually connnected with dashes - like :lu_text vs :lu-text . Is there a standard way to convert this in JDBC or should I just rename the keys on my frontend ? :thinking_face:


Okay I realised this is literally rs/as-unqualified-kebab-maps or rs/as-kebab-maps


Those functions are built on camel-snake-kebab. That should be your goto in general f you want to make such a conversion