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Is there a way to force clj-new to always download the latest version of my template?


@rafaeldelboni By default, it will use RELEASE which is the latest stable version, but the "Maven" libraries under the only check for updates once a day, I believe.

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That should be the case them, I made two releases today (bug fixes hehe) and the second one wasn't showing up.


I deleted my template from my personal ~/.m2 and tried again and it worked.


You can tell clj-new which version to use for a template -- see the docs for the option -- and you can also tell it to use SNAPSHOT builds but, again, I think the underlying libraries only check once a day for a new snapshot version.

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If you are developing a template, you can always test it by either running clj-new directly in the template project or by running it in a clean directory with a "local" filepath for your template repo -- see the docs for the syntax for that.


clojure -X:new :template '"/path/to/clj-template::new-app"' :name project-name :args '[arg1 arg2 arg3 ...]'