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Emma Meyer06:07:49

[HIRING][Zürich, Switzerland, JavaScript, Onsite] 🏢 Inventage AG, based in Zürich :flag-ch: is looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer (80–100%) (you have to speak German) ⚙️ Tech stack: JavaScript, DevOps, Docker, Frontend, GraphQL, Linux, ROS 💰 95’000 - 125’000 CHF / year 📝 More details and option to apply:

👎 20

Not clojure


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Hello all 👋! We are growing our Clojure team at DCI once more! Preferably in Greece or Singapore, but remote is fine too!


Hello everyone! We recently filled one dev position after we published the job here and we're looking for one more developer for our Berlin 🇩🇪 office (post pandemic onsite only). We're FinTech based in Berlin, with Clojure, ClojureScript & Rails, AWS, Postgres, GraphQL, re-frame, Docker & Terraform in use. If you don't know either Clojure or Rails, that's fine, but we expect interest to learn it.