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Hey folks 👋 While reviewing a thread in ClojureVerse I'm the author this morning, I've noticed some posts were replaced with this message (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged) (including one of my own). However, I did not withdraw them. Does anyone know what's happening? :thinking_face:

oxalorg (Mitesh)07:07:03

Weird that only happens when you try to delete the post. I think if this happens again we should look into it, but I couldn't find much on discourse except that it happens when someone deletes their own post. Maybe I should try checking the error logs if something went wrong! :thinking_face:

oxalorg (Mitesh)07:07:24

Thanks for reporting this!


hey @U013MQC5YKD thanks for the help. I assum dive into the logs will take much of your time so let's wait to see if it happen again. do you know how if I revert that?

oxalorg (Mitesh)11:07:33

Sorry I don't know if there's a way to revert it. You can click on the edit button to see the edit history and just repost the original content 🙂