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babashka has some basic support for selmer, I wonder if there is any value in making cryogen work with babashka (maybe as a special bb build) The idea is to have fast compilation of cryogen websites ?!


bb has Selmer and also hiccup. Also there is which can be used as a pod. Babashka's own website is completely rendered using bb itself. I doubt cryogen can work from source with bb since it has many dependencies, a couple of them are probably problematic. But perhaps cryogen itself can be compiled to native, if that adds any value.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:07:24

Most time is not spent in starting JVM and loading libs, which bb could help with, but in preparing data and rendering pages. So going native adds negligible value here IMHO. (Admittedly my blog has over 100 posts)