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Hi, would anyone have an idea why spacemacs offers path intellisense when I write Python scripts for instance, but not when I write Clojure (having connected to the REPL with CIDER)? It doesn't seem to autocomplete file paths when writing Clojure code. Many thanks in advance


Do you have an example piece of code that you would expect to have file path completion? I have had path completion at times when doing Clojure code. Not something I really look for though.


Show us your config. I’ve been able to complete paths within the classpath.


@U026662D8R3 I appreciate this is of little help, but it seems to work for me


Typically is a package that needs updating or possibly a change to a package that needs a fix from the Spacemacs repository


It could be LSP doing this, although I have a feeling this worked before LSP


Many thanks for your suggestions. I've set up Vim with Iced (I'm more comfortable with Vim) for now.