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Tomas Brejla07:07:27

Hello Calva friends. We've put together with @pez another performance optimization which should improve a reported issue REPL is Slow and Performance Degrades as the Output Grows #942. We'd kindly like to ask you to help us test this change 🙏 by installing a VSIX version containing current 2.0.205 plus mentioned improvement. I'm enclosing the VSIX with this comment, or you can download it yourself from output of CircleCI build of PR 1237 ( The optimization consists of rewriting internal function that's responsible for finding "top-level" form of the expression your cursor (or some "virtual cursor") is placed at. This functionality is internally being used at multiple places in Calva, so here's a few areas that you might want to focus on when testing: • Evaluating top level form (in various different places, nested inside Rich comment expression etc.) • Evaluating top level form to cursor • Evaluating at the REPL window prompt • Custom REPL command variables involving the top level form • The debugger (test that breakpoints are found and that stepping works correctly • Rainbow brackets Please share the results of your testing either here or at the PR 1237 ( page on GitHub. Thank you.

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Please consider helping out with testing this one, folks! In theory it should work just like the current release version. though should not choke as easily when the output window gets a lot of printouts. Would be really nice to catch any regressions before we send it out. Thanks in advance! ❤️

Tomas Brejla17:07:12

Hi. I am trying Calva debugger for the first time (to do some more testing for PR 1237 - see previous post 😉). I'm using as a reference. Breakpoints and function instrumenting works fine for me, but I'm unable to see call stack Viewing the Call Stack . In that calva doc, there's a nice animation showing call stack with many rows, you can navigate between them etc. In my case, there's always just a single row in that CALL STACK view, which matches the actual line with my breakpoint. This is happening on regular 2.0.205. Am I doing anything wrong? Btw repl started via cider jack-in functionality (deps.edn) in calva and it's a very simple project with just a few deps.


We've rolled that back while fixing a regression it caused:

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I went ahead and pushed a note in the docs about the rollback, to be removed once the feature is added back:

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