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Is there some way to “cache” the result of the The CLI will verify that both the tag and prefix sha point to the same full sha commit, and error if not step of the gitlib fetching process? It threw me off a little that clojure -P didn’t cover that (although it does make sense now that I realize that’s what’s going on :))


And really I’m only asking to make sure I’m not thinking about this completely wrong—it was fairly easy to work around this once I understood what was happening

Wanja Hentze08:03:29

How did you end up working around it? We're stripping the :git/tag from the deps map now, which feels a little clumsy.


That’s what I did in this case


I was using the goofy docker buildkit ssh socket mechanism to hit private repos from the build container and was trying to not pass the ssh socket to a subsequent step after the -P runs