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@borkdude @ericdallo I’m testing the Java class definitions & usages and I found this behavior a bit strange: java.util.Date doesn’t appear in java-class-usages, it does appear in var-usages though.


@U5GP9FMC0 via import it should work, the other one will be tackled on Wednesday or so. Please mention in the issue that there is an incorrect var-usage there as well


Cool! I will leave a comment. Thanks 🙂

Noah Bogart12:03:31

This might be a dumb question, but given that Clojure is open source, why is it necessary to decompile the clojure.core stuff instead of pointing at the source itself? Do the clojure jars not include the source inline? (My apologies if this would be better suited for another channel)


i was wondering that too. my clojure.core 1.11 jar in m2 only had .class files. Might be something to bring up with core team


@nbtheduke It's not necessary if the .java sources are on the classpath, but this is not always the case, so decompilation is used only as a fallback

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