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Hello everyone, I'm glad to see that someone noticed overtone is part of clojurists together funding this quarter. The project is on the way and updates are coming soon. Please take a look at this article I wrote on basic setup required for overtone to work. Any feedback about the clarity of the process or something that I maybe forgot to mention would be useful, since it is aimed at beginners or people who didn't have the time to set it up. More articles coming in the following days 🙂

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I noticed it via the planet RSS feed too! I think this is great. Perhaps it's finally the year I start live coding and/or composing, not just wishing I could do that.


This is great thanks and no I didn't realise that overtone was on clojurists together for this quarter 😃... I'm curious is there any info around deploying overtone or is that out of scope? It's something I was grappling with the last time I touched it. I found it very cool, but at the same time because I couldn't figure out how to share anything I made with it I didn't dig in as much as I probably should have...


great news


overtone is a great project and it could use a bit of love


@U0JUM502E I'm not sure to what exactly are you referring to when you say "deploying overtone"? As for sharing your creations - I think the best and easiest way is to share code and other people can try it on their computers. There should be a way to record audio output easily, I will look into that as I go along with the project. Thanks for reading the article, I hope next ones will be even more useful 😃


By deploying I mean making something and putting it into a jar or executable which can then run say win/mac/linux


There was someone who said they made a piano application using overtone, but I couldn't find out how they built or released it. When I attempted to do it myself I couldn't get it to build at all >_<...


gen-class issues prevented it from working with -main, but to be fair I've not touched it in a bit now, so maybe things have gotten a lot better 😃...


Do you have a link to piano application? I can surely check that out! As for Overtone development - it slowed down over the last couple of years, I'm looking into it now and exploring what I can do with it and how it compares with sonic-pi for example, which is more mature in terms of usability


Ok, I feel a bit 😳, I forgot I tried this a lot more recently than I thought... I made an issue when I ran into the problem: The piano application issue I recalled is based on this: Which is someone trying to get mini-beast working as an app... So yea, if you get this working that would be awesome... My use case was trying to do procedural music generation =)...


Thanks for taking the time to write this @UKZTQCRRS - was super helpful to get Overtone working on Linux with PipeWire

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thank you. i didn’t post new articles recently because i lacked the time to do so. however, i plan to continue soon. i’ll post here when i publish something new 🙂


I wrote new article continuing the path on Sonic-Pi tutorial