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London Clojurians! I'd like to gauge the level of interest there would be for restarting the London Clojure Dojos at USwitch. These stopped during the pandemic, but we may be able to restart. These were evening (in person) meetings, held once a month where the attendees broke into small groups (2-4) people and write code to solve challenges great and small, chosen by those at the event. Before I check the availability of Uswitch venue and hosts, I wanted to see how much interest there is in the community. Please reply in a thread, A - If you might be interested in attending these? B - Do you feel comfortable attending now or would prefer to wait until COVID rates are lower?


Thanks - I'll check in with Uswitch hosts to see their views. I will announce here if they resume


Hello - Together with the others who have confirmed via meetup I expect we will have enough participants so the Dojo is on:

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