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pprinting env with its forest of juicy clojure data structures challenge my untrained eyes, with sets and maps together 🙂


I suggest using #portal or #reveal to assist in navigating large data structures like these :)


Indeed, I always run

clj -A:dev -Sdeps '{:deps {nrepl/nrepl {:mvn/version "0.7.0"} cider/cider-nrepl {:mvn/version "0.25.2"} djblue/portal {:mvn/version "0.20.1"}}}' \
           -m nrepl.cmdline \
           --middleware '["cider.nrepl/cider-middleware"]' \
so that I can start tapping into portal when needed without restarting the repl and losing state, even if I don't need it more than couple times in a month. With this spell in the shell history I can have the tools ready in every project


Thnx for the suggestion I'll try #portal