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I was very happy to see there's actually a ClojureScript template for Tauri in the default list!!! Right there alongside vue/react/svelte.


For those messing with tauri that find this. I did run into a slight hiccup in the first run of the new project. When I first ran yarn tauri dev there was a bunch of initial work that shadow-cljs did to get dependencies and start the repl. Because of that work it seems like the tauri rust web view was never built and started. Luckily re-running the command a second time solved my issues. So if you run into the same, just try using ctrl+c to kill it and give it a second try.

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James Amberger13:03:27

To what default list do you refer?


In shadow-cljs, other than adding a local cljs library's source path to the :source-paths attribute, does anything else need to be done to the dep file to allow use of a local library? I keep getting the following message:

The required namespace "<blah>.core" is not available, it was required by "atlas/main.cljs".


did you restart shadow-cljs after changing :source-paths?


I disconnected from the repl-server and brought up a new repl-server. Is this enough, or should I restart everything?


sorry don't know what this means. you need to restart the JVM running shadow-cljs.


Never mind - I just answered my own question. I'm using VSCode/Calva. It starts up shadow-cljs on startup. So I do need to restart VSCode.


that doesn't sound right but no I don't use vscode so no clue


Actually, I did misspeak. shadow-cljs is started each time you bring up a new REPL in Calva. Any ideas why, when I have the source-paths to my other library (as well as to the main program's), it's neither watching the library files nor finding the library files?


you sure the path is correct?


I am now. I moved it up one level and now it seems to be working. Thanks for your help.