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I was curious about the HTTP API formats (edn or transit) do they support all the types (like LocalDate/Time/DateTime) and noticed that the OpenAPI doc link at is broken (leads to NoSuchBucket error pagE)


normally edn doesn't support all the types XTDB can have

> (pr-str (java.time.LocalDate/now))
"#object[java.time.LocalDate 0x60567b9 \"2022-03-28\"]"
so does it have write support and data readers for those?


Ah, thanks for reporting the broken link! XT doesn't natively support any extended edn types over http, though I suspect it's possible to make work if really needed


I'm not currently using the HTTP API, just curious... it would be nice if it supported all the types


because the HTTP API is the easiest way to use XTDB from non-JVM languages


Makes sense, I definitely don't disagree that it could be useful 🙂


been dabbling in smalltalk and the kotlin dsl gave me ideas for some sort of ODM (object document mapping) library for persistence... would be an interesting side project in my copious free time

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but that needs the HTTP API


That sounds rather interesting 🙂 a bit like duratom?


I just opened if you wanted to chime in

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I am using xtdb with postgresql. Is it possible to query my data direct via psql??


Hi - that's not a supported use-case, but it is technically possible to access the data. Pretty much all the data is encoded with though so may be tricky to access within SQL meaningfully 🙂 what's the requirement?


I am using xtdb with a heroku postgresql database. In heroku dataclip you can inspect the data of your database directly.


ah interesting, I hadn't seen dataclips before. Sadly though I don't think you'll have much joy trying to use it to interpret XT's storage format though 😕 (though don't let me discourage you from trying!)


that is an interesting feature, XTDB inspector has the possibility to save a query... though that isn't really meant for public consumption


but perhaps I could make a separate endpoint that allows you to publish a query...


not saying that that would be as good as the dataclips functionality, but in the same vein at least

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Nice to know XTDB inspector! I was just planning to build an endpoint like a dashboard to query my db. Though losing the fun to build it myself 😆 but XTDB inspector could same me time! Thanks!


if you have any feature requests about it , feel free to raise them in the github project

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