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Paavo Pokkinen19:03:34

Hello! I'm Paavo, from Oulu, Finland. Having been reading on Clojure for some time, and trying to learn that on my free time. I have long PHP OOP background, so it's bit hard to wrap my head around. 😃 I'm maintaining Kubernetes clusters, operators and everything related to that, and would be interested to hear if anyone is using Clojure to interact with Kubernetes API's or to build K8S operators. So far I have not found anything, most of the stuff is written in Golang, as K8S api spec is in Go. Been looking also for XTDB (sort of Datomic, but OS), reagent/re-frame etc.) and trying to play around with those.

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If you have a specific need, you can always try asking in #find-my-lib 🙂