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Use #clojure-lsp-builds nightly for this to work


Fantastic! Thanks so much for this work, @U04V15CAJ and @UKFSJSM38! gratitude ❤️ 🙏

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That’s amazing! Does it also work for arbitrary 3rd party Java libraries pulled from Maven?


@U01PE7630AC Try it with #clojure-lsp-builds :)

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Awesome! Thanks so much for this. I was looking for something exactly like this a few weeks ago, when I was struggling with Google’s API Client for Java.


@U01PE7630AC Right now it only works when you :import a class and then use it but I'll fix the rest in the coming week

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Here’s the thread I was referring to by the way, where we wound up chatting about reflection, etc.;cid=C053AK3F9


My Calva updated itself, and when I tried to jack-in I got a prompt to choose among about 10 project.clj's. a) The menu was narrower than the ~10 filenames, so I could not distinguish the options. b) The directory I opened has 1 project.clj, right there. It also contains a "checkouts" directory, a Leiningen feature where you symlink the dependencies in order for Lein to use their working dir in the classpath instead of putting a jar in the classpath. I suspect Calva picked up all the symlinked projects' project.clj. In a true monorepo, these won't be symlinks. Could Calva not follow symlinks when hunting for project.clj?


We can try. Please file an issue about it.


Please also file an issue about the menu being too narrow. I realize you might not want to share a screenshot, but you can just describe it. Or if you want to gain golden stars in heaven (as we say in Swedish) you can create a project scenario with fake paths that illustrate it, as a public repo. This one will be tricky to fix, but again, we can try!


@U02EMBDU2JU, time for your suggestion with predefined search results, maybe! 😃

Lukas Domagala16:03:16

Yeah, not the usecase I was thinking of but it would solve the problem 🙂


Seeing this issue I just realized that this can probably be handled by adding an exclusion for checkouts. See