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Exhibit A: a typical piece of code from a .cljc file in our codebase. When I use emacs' hide-show-mode (via 'hs-minor-mode hook), I'd love to be able to tell it to expand one level deeper to unwrap the #?(:clj ) directive. Does anyone have some idea how to do this? 😬


Something like this? M-x hs-toggle-hiding will get you from one state to the other


Here's some code that toggles hs stuff according to custom regexes (in my case, ns forms), might serve of inspiration


@UEQPKG7HQ right, i have a bind that applies that toggle to all the forms at the same time, folding it like you see there. i want it to fold from one level down for the :clj forms, without me having to manually key there and toggle it


thanks @U45T93RA6 i'll check it out!