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Godwin Ko14:02:47

I’m using Jetty container, but when the server startup, a few log message pops up about Undertow server started, together with xnio & jboss thread message. Is there any other service that is using Undertow by default? I’m currently using pedestal 0.5.8, thx 🙇:skin-tone-2:


can you share your service-map? or at least a part of it.

Godwin Ko20:02:24

here it is, thx a lot in advance 🙇:skin-tone-2:

(defn service-map [env]
  {:env :prod
   ::http/router :linear-search
   ::http/routes routes/routes
   ::http/type :jetty
   ::http/port (:port env)
   ::http/join? false
   ::http/enable-session {:store (cookie/cookie-store {:key (get-in env [:session :key])})
                          :cookie-name (get-in env [:session :name])
                          :cookie-attrs {:http-only true
                                         :same-site :lax}}
   ::http/container-options {:max-threads 8}
   ::http/request-logger log/log-request})

(mount/defstate ^:dynamic *http*
  :start (if (:dev cfg/*env*)
           (-> (service-map cfg/*env*)
               (merge {:env :dev
                       ::http/routes #(deref #'routes/routes)})
           (-> (service-map cfg/*env*)
  :stop (http/stop *http*))

Godwin Ko20:02:31

and the screen cap of server start log

Fahd El Mazouni19:02:21

do you see logs for jetty starting up ? maybe there is some other dependency starting the undertow server

Godwin Ko09:02:06

nop, those four lines are the only log output when server start, and I’m pretty sure that I’m using Jetty container, pedestal will complaint if I take out pedestal.jetty from deps.edn, I’ve no clue why Undertow / JBoss message pops up? :thinking_face:


@ULS5BHEUR do you have shadow-cljs in your classpath? shadow-cljs produces this log output

Godwin Ko13:02:30

oh my god, you’re right!! I’m combining both shadow-cljs & pedestal for a full stack development environment. Thanks a lot, and sorry for asking in the wrong channel, which I didn’t mean to…… 😅

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