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Daniel Jomphe17:02:11

Hi, using Datomic dev-local:

(def db-hist (d/history (d/db conn)))
results in:
; Execution error (IllegalArgumentException) at datomic.client.api.protocols/fn$G (protocols.clj:126).
; No implementation of method: :history of protocol: #'datomic.client.api.protocols/Db found for class: datomic.dev_local.impl.DurableConnection 
Could it be that dev-local does not support history queries?


That functionality is supported in dev-local. Can you provide a full reproduction of steps to get to your current error state?

Daniel Jomphe18:02:35

Sorry, we're starting to realise (soon confirmed) that we were passing in a conn instead of a db (my code example above is not our real code call site).

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Daniel Jomphe18:02:17

Confirmed. Our error was calling it thusly e.g. (d/history conn) instead of (d/history db)


Use a transaction function

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