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Hi, I'm starting a clojurescript app shortly, and am pretty new to clojurescript. I'm considering both re-frame and helix as the backing libraries for this project, (re-frame because I've done jacek schae’s online course on reframe and it seems pretty nice, helix because an experienced cljs dev told me it plays better with react hooks). It would be great to get a steer on even what are the right questions I should be asking myself at this point to help make this decision (is it even a decision? Am I comparing apples with apples?). I understand this is a very broad question but if any answers help me steer my effort in the appropriate direction then that will be a win for me, so thanks in advance!


If you want to go the hooks route I suggest leaning on the react ecosystem for state management or using something like If you really like reframe it's probably best to use reagent (All my opinion of course)