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Hey, I’m looking into organizing a trip for my colleagues to ClojureD, so I need to present some kind of a budget. So, do you have anything on ticket prices yet? And perhaps a recommendation for a hotel near the venue? I loved the speaker hotel I was in in 2019, btw so something similar would be stellar!

Sandra Wichtrup16:02:57

Dear All! Thank you for your great interest and feedback , you are amazing! 😊 We have just approved the prices this afternoon, phew, and plan to start the official ticket sales / registration tomorrow, Friday at the latest. But hereby gladly info and recommendations in advance: All tickets include one* of our specials this year: We invite you to a BBQ (vegan, vegetarian & meat) at our spectacular get together right after the conference at beach. :beach_with_umbrella: Early bird 79€ Regular 99€ Super Supporter 120€ Accommodation recommendations and tips: Location of this year's Warm Up 🎉 & accommodation for speakers Recommendation from the Sage Team (you have to be quick) There are a few more within easy reach, including hostels, if you look around Sage (Koepenicker Straße 18-20, 10997 Berlin) as it is located centrally. *more to come.... Excited and kind regards from Berlin metal:star-struck:

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