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Alan Brooks15:02:18

Hi All, I wanted to share an exciting opportunity to join a well-funded 6 year startup that is still pre-IPO who is really shaking things up in our industry. We are currently looking for Engineers who have experience with Python, Go, Elixir, Erlang, Clojure, or similar languages who are interested in working with Elixir. We have extremely competitive base, bonus (paid quarterly) and generous equity (Base is generally in the $180-200k range for Senior Engineers and competitive at all levels). Please check us out!


Hi all, I'm the founder of, looking for a founding engineer type person. We're currently two engineers, and looking for the main person running dev, so that I can focus on product and sales. > - We're building a real-time collaborative screenwriting app. North-star vision is to be come a collaboration-first Google Docs (think GitHub for normal text) > - Lots of interesting challenges: We're building documents with real-time editing but also branching and merging (like git) > - A solid, well-designed product, a couple of thousands paying users, traction in B2C > - Arcane (the Netflix show) used us in their writers' room (!!) > - We want to double down on B2B so I need to focus on product and sales. Looking for somebody who can lead dev, hire another 2 devs, etc. (currently two devs) > - Just raised pre-seed: competitive pay + good equity If you're interested, please hit me up here, or, or michi at arcstudiopro dotcom