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SCI v0.2.9: Clojure/Script interpreter used in #babashka, #nbb, #obb, scittle, #clj-kondo, #jet and various other projects.

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clj-kondo, a linter for clojure (code) that sparks joy, v2022.02.09 āœØ clj-kondo 2022.02.09. ā€¢ FeatureĀ detect and warn on cyclic task dependencies in bb.edn ( ā€¢ FeatureĀ catch tasks undefined tasks present inĀ `:depends`. ( ā€¢ FeatureĀĀ `:keys`Ā can be used inĀ `:ret`Ā position, also fixes types return map call as input for another typed map function. ( ā€¢ FeatureĀ detect redundant fn wrappers, likeĀ `#(inc %)`. SeeĀ This linter is :off by default, but may be enabled by default in future versions after more testing. ā€¢ FeatureĀ lint task definition keys in bb.edn ( ā€¢ FeatureĀ Add analysis information about protocol implementations. ( ā€¢ FixĀ vector inside list should not be linted as function call when inside tagged literal. ā€¢ FixĀ imported class flagged as unused when it only appears in annotation metadata. ā€¢ FixĀ ignore spliced reader conditionals wrt. namespace sorting. ā€¢ FixĀ def usage context contains reference of the re-frame reg-sub it is used in. ( Join #clj-kondo for more info.

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