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Hi, I would like to use a block/cell as the render target for docker environment serving content on localhost:8080. Is there a way to do this? Are iframes supported in next journal?


Hi, can you change the port? We expose 9998 like for example here


I believe so. Below is the command that I use to run it locally.

docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 -v $PATH:/usr/local/app containerid
Is there a way to configure the port and $PATH through the environment settings?


@U5H74UNSF Hi Martin, I checked the flask example. It seems pretty straight forward. That said, I would like to have an iframe for rendering the content served by the docker image. I don't see a place to configure the port or the path presented to docker. Am I missing something?


sorry I dropped this. I believe @U9EQP1K0X should have more samples for this?


Hi @UF7M6GGDQ, at the moment it’s not possible to configure the port we expose in the runtime (read: the docker container), and at present we only allow some kind of “mounts”. Another (less minimal) example is how to configure a Dash application to have its iframe render correctly: likewise you could try to configure your application to use the 9998 port. Can you share a notebook that we can have a look at to help further?


Hi @U9EQP1K0X, I'm trying to use the structurizr-lite container inside an iframe in nextjournal. The instructions provided ask for configuration of the port and mount path. See details at


By inspecting the image you pasted here, you can see the command which runs in the container: run. So we might use that manually in a notebook. Gave this a try in a public notebook that you can remix. maybe you don’t need to configure the port but use a service runtime (basically a long running process that can be reached by other runtimes). Try remixing the notebook to play around, the missing part would be to “proxy” catalina server onto a public facing URL (like in the flask app example) from within a — say — python runtime. But it all seems pretty hacky, sorry...