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How do you usually do code reviews? Github has this view where you can add comments/suggest changes to specific parts of a PR and I've been wondering if anyone has managed to make emacs integrate well with it? I'd love to have that on top of paredit, clojure-mode and cider.


I remember a peer using what I think was ? cc/ @UBSREKQ5Q who authored the package in question!

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Thanks, I'll check it out! Code reviews is the part of development that I spent the most outside of my comfort zone emacs and I don't like it 😛

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Feel free to send some feedbacks after you try the package 🙂 always good to hear users feedback

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oops sorry didn't mean to delete lol. i just figured it out right before you answered

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yeah disconnecting the repl and reconnecting fixed it


the stuff about the immutable classpath makes sense