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lucas08:05:08 simple wrapper for working with AWS Cognito User Pools API :)

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Mark Wardle17:05:48

Really pleased to announce a new release of - - a SNOMED CT terminology library, and microservice. Now with a new LMDB storage backend and multiple Lucene indexes for fast autocompletion for user entry. New support for the SNOMED Expression Constraint Language (ECL) v2.0 include member, concept and description filters. Useful in building operational health and care applications, in processing healthcare data, in dimensionality reduction in processing diagnostic, symptom and procedural codes in preparation for machine learning. Can import a SNOMED CT distribution in <10 minutes and run as a server, or as a microservice as you wish. Run on a laptop or on multiple cloud-based load-balanced containers. No external dependencies unlike other terminology servers that need elasticsearch clusters.

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ClojureCUDA 0.15.0 released! now supports the latest CUDA 11.6 GPU computing platform. Many tutorials and even 2 books available to learn how to use it well!

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